Mmmmmmmmm what’s his name again?



Since summer is fast approaching and we are still craving sweets, we decided to test out a no bake, Nutella cheesecake with a cinnamon infused graham cracker crust.  Saucy Wench #2 mistakenly contacted her ex-boyfriend and has reverted right back to the sugar laden, phase two of the break up.  Her verdict…..mmmmmmmmmm…… what’s his name again?.  Pardon me while I take a moment to shovel some more into my mouth.  Unlike traditional baked cheesecake, we found this one to be light, fluffy and not overly sweet with a pudding like consistency.  The cinnamon offsets the sweetness of the Nutella and when topped with whipped cream and tart berries this makes a perfect patio inspired dessert.  As always, we like to give some alternatives to our recipes and we feel this cheesecake would make a lovely frozen dessert on a hot summers day.  Here is the link to the original recipe:

Our weekly Saucy Wenches Words of Wisdom:  When you receive attention from your teenage son’s friends – IT IS NOT A COMPLIMENT!


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