Today we have been feeling like saucy wenches



Kick in going through a breakup (Saucy Wench #2) and it calls for comfort food! Nothing says comfort food more than melted cheese and salt – lots and lots of salt! Given that we are also spicy wenches, we thought we would combine the two in a carb/sauce fest and ta da baked pretzels topped with salt served with a side of jalapeño cheese sauce. We decided to make baked pretzels instead of boiled and baked just to save on time as we are also working wenches. The pretzels are nice and crisp but we feel like a boiled pretzel would give better texture. We also had difficulty maintaining the length of our pretzel ropes due to blackberry wine being invited to the party. The sauce, however, is heaven in a bowl and Saucy Wench #2 is on her sixth pretzel and is about to lick the bowl clean!!!! It has just the right amount of spice, heat and creaminess and feel this sauce has potential to be utilized in a variety of recipes. We can see this recipe being turned into a modern day fondue by topping the pretzels with coarse sugar and cinnamon and then dipping in chocolate and/or caramel sauce – yummy! We have attached the original recipe below for your convenience:

We leave you with Saucy Wenches words of wisdom: Just because it comes in your size does NOT mean you should wear it! We are talking about pleather hot pants here ladies!!!!!!


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